Migration İn Turkey Policies, Reactions, Discussions
ISBN: 9786257911825 2020 Political Science Didem Doğanyılmaz Duman, Gökhan Duman Gazi Kitabevi

Migration in Turkey Policies, Reactions, Discussions kitabı Examples from the EU and Turkey in a Comparative Perspective, New Minorities'in Europe as a Post–Migration Issue: Can Syrians Be Regarded as Turkey's New Minorities? , The Poverty Phenomenon in Turkey and the Effects of Migration on Poverty, Principles of Benefiting from Health Services for Foreigners and Exclusively Those under Temporary Protection in Turkey, Unravelling the Enduring Aspiration–Attainment Gap: Immigration,Syrian Refugee Students and Education, Communication Strategy of Turkey Towards Migrants: The Case of Directorate General of Migration Management, Social Media Users' Perceptions about the Immigrants in Turkey konularını ele alan bir çalışmadır