What is Turcademy?

Turcademy is a local e-book platform developed by Informascope for the purpose of contributing to e-book publishing in Turkey and gathering all academic publications under a single portal to deliver them easily and digitally to academics, researchers and students.

How is a subscription to Turcademy provided?

Turcademy subscription is done as corporate. In order to use Turcademy Platform, you can make a request to your institution library. Subscribing institutions offer Turcademy Platform via IP.

In which way do we able to access resources on the Turcademy platform?

You can access the resources on the Turcademy Platform by viewing them online or by downloading them to your computer in full text. The sources you download are provided under the Law no. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works and it will be downloaded as encrypted for 3 days in accordance with the copyright. When your period expires, you will have the right of access the relevant resource offline.

Turcademy'e kurumum abone fakat erişim sağlayamıyorum?

Turcademy, aboneliği bulunan kurumların IP adresleri üzerinden kullanıma sunulmaktadır. Erişim sağlayabilmeniz için kurum internet ağında bulunmanız gerekmektedir. Eğer diğer internet ağlarından erişim sağlamak istiyorsanız kurumunuzun sağlamış olduğu VPN/PROXY hizmetinden faydalanmalısınız. Konu hakkında bilgi için kütüphaneniz ile iletişime geçebilirsiniz.

Do I need to be a member to use Turcademy platform?

If your affiliate is a subscriber of Turcademy: You can read the resources online without being a member. In order to download resources a license must be defined to your name. To define a licence to your name you must be a member.

How can you download the source through Turcademy?

The source you want to download from the Turcademy platform is protected by the Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works and can be downloaded to your device for a limited time (3 days) under the digital rights management system. When your period expires, your right to access the relevant resource will end. You can access the same source at any time from "Full Text" view option. To download resources from the Turcademy platform, you need to download your application from this address. When you sign up in order to run the file, you can access the license that you have received by e-mail you have to run it once on the relevant device and then you can access. To view your license again, visit https://www.turcademy.com/tr/hesabim/lisans.

Which publishers academic resources can be accessed through Turcademy?

Within the Turcademy Platform, you can access academic books belongs to the publishers: Anı Publishing, Gazi Bookstore, Seçkin Publishing, Palme Publishing House and Pegem Akademi.

Even though I have downloaded my license and software, I get an error message when opening the sourc

After you open the Locklizard program, you can follow the File / Open steps to open the relevant source.

What is the reason for the red lock sign appearing in the sources I downloaded?

The reason of appearing red lock sign on the file you downloaded is the license you download on your computer has not been activated yet. In order to activate the license, it is enough to run the file you download and run the license. You can delete your license via the "Remove Viewer Keystore" program located on your computer.

My email address doesn't accepted when registering on the Turcademy Platform.

To be a member of Turcademy Platform, you must use your e-mail address with the extention "edu".

How do I add books to my favorites?

To add the book to your favorites, you must first log in to the database with your username and password. If you do not have an account you can easily create an account by clicking the register button. After logging in to the database with your username and password, you can add your book to your favorite list by using the "add to favorites" button on the detail page of the book. You can view this list later in the "My Account / My Favorite Books" section.

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