Şirince. Once Upon A Time Cirkince
ISBN: 9789758072170 Tarih Şükrü Tül Ege Yayınları

"Each villager was the lord of his own piece of land. Everybody had a two-storied house in the village. In addition, a summer home surrounded with walnut, almond, apple, pear and cherry trees and vegetable gardens. Andnobody neglected to decorate their gardens with flowers. And the streams springing on ali sides never stopped flowing... When the wheat and barley were ripe our fields were like gold gilt seas. You would never find elsewhere olive trees such as ours, full of olives so much that the branches touched the ground, round and black olives, glimmering olive trees. Olive oil was a slow but reliable source of income. But figs... Figs filled the belt of the villagers with gold! Our figs were famous not only in Aydın province but also in the East, Europe and America. Such a thin skin almost non-existing, honeyed with the sun of Anatolia..." Dido Sotiriou