Lıfe On The Earth; Alıgned To The Sıgns On The Galactıc Systems, Stars And The Planets Of Thıs Unıverse
ISBN: 9786258045598 2022 1. Baskı Sosyal Bilimler Prof. Dr. Deniz Yıldız Astana Yayınları

This book has intended to establish a link in between the life forms that exist on the earth and the signs that are on the space objects overall. The signs that exist on the earth and on the outer space objects have not been noticed and evaluated till now. Those signs indeed can be good parameters that will help to establish links between the life forms and the space objects overall. Those signs indicate the UNIVERSAL FORCE FLOW THROUGHS in between the specific life forms and the specific outer space counterparts. Certain examples are presented that reveal the outer space counterparts of certain life forms on the earth including the human beings. All know that life exist on the earth. However life giving outer space pathways are not known and are not yet understood. There is a strict necessity for the evaluation of life forms on the earth along with their outer space counterparts. As known the earth is not sufficient to support life by its own. Thus the live giving pathways of the outer space objects must be identified. This book brings new insights to the phenomena life on the earth and to the role of outer space objects in respect to life on the earth. Keywords: Life, Earth, Sun, Planets, Orion stars system, Caucasus,