An R Companion: A Compact Introduction For Social Scientists
ISBN: 9786051702001 2018 Araştrma Yöntemleri Burak Aydın, James Algına, Walter Leıte, Hakan Atılgan Anı Yayıncılık

This book is a printed and enhanced version of an interactive platform that is available online without cost; and all proceeds from this printed version go to charity. Compared to the interactive platform, the printed version has learning objectives and exercise questions in each chapter; it also has additional notes and explanations. We aim to create a platform for the applied social scientists in which we can demonstrate basic statistical procedures using R (R Core Team, 2016) and real data. We prefer to name this material as a platform given that (a) it is open for contribution, (b) it will have dynamic content and (c) it can serve as a mainboard for Plug-ins and Add-ons. The R platform is created with Bookdown (Xie, 2016), an advanced system constructed on R Markdown (Allaire et al.,2016) and the R language. We take advantage of these sources using R Studio (RStudio Team, 2016).